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The Canadian Association of Medical Biochemists is a professional organization of medical doctors with a specialty in medical biochemistry. They provide expertise in the biochemistry and metabolism of human health and disease. Medical biochemists consult, diagnose and treat patients with disorders of biochemistry and metabolism and direct laboratories providing clinical testing. The role of the CAMB is to advance the practice of Medical Biochemistry by supporting the professional, research and educational activities of Medical Biochemists across Canada.


  • To provide a forum for communication between Medical Biochemists in Canada and other national and international professional groups. 

  • To promote continuing medical education and maintenance of competence 

  • To organize educational opportunities in response to assessment of needs by the membership

  • To advise the Medical Biochemistry Specialty Committee of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada on matters of concern to the profession

  • To promote recruitment of young physicians into Medical Biochemistry residency training.

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